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The Positive Role of Consistency In Daily Life

By Paisley Hansen

March 30 2021 - Consistency in your daily life can be difficult to achieve. There are so many demands on your time, and schedules are constantly being changed and shuffled around. The frequent changes and uncertainty can add more stress and a sense of always being in a rush.

However, there are ways that you can add a little more consistency and stability to your life. Try to make some positive changes and create good habits in the areas that you are able to. This will add some much needed calm to your life and balance out the parts that are full of stress and neverending adjustments.

Set Healthy Habits

When you set yourself some rules or guidelines to follow when it comes to your health, you will start to notice that you feel better, and perhaps you start to lose the stubborn weight you've been holding on to.

Consistency is a great tool to use when it comes to your health. Eating well one day and then binging on fast food isn't going to hurt you on occasion, but if it's a common occurrence, you won't make much progress.

Creating a diet to follow isn't the only healthy habit to have. Commiting to daily exercise and taking quality dietary supplements, such as the Thrive Experience, can help you feel better and see results faster.

Build Trust and Self Control

When you become more consistent in your behavior and actions, you show yourself and others that you are dependable and worthy of trust. The pattern of your words and deeds matches up the promises you made, showing that you are accountable for yourself and willing to put in the effort to be true to your word. This can lead to greater self esteem within yourself and better friendships.

Staying consistent in the face of temptation, whether that is to indulge in dessert instead of following your diet, or splurge on a purchase that isn't in your budget, shows that you have self control. You are stronger for your determination and the ability to look beyond short-term satisfac">tion and continue to move toward your bigger goals.

Reach Your Goals Faster

Consistency will set you up for success and help you to reach the places you want to be and goals that you set for yourself more quickly.

A lot of stopping and starting can delay you significantly. When you set out to achieve something, large or small, it takes a lot of determination and willingness to put in the effort. When you are constantly distracted and stray from your forward path, you push back the timeframe it will take to get to the finish line. Building good habits to stay consistent even when things are hard will serve you well in your personal life, work, and financial success.

Reduce Your Stress

Constant upheaval and uncertainty leads to stress. You never know what to expect, so you can't plan for a specific outcome. Of course life is never absolutely certain. There are always going to be unexpected events that arise and need to be taken care of, and the need to work around the schedules and commitments of others limits your ability to have total control.

However, even if you stay consistent in a few areas of your life, you will reduce your stress levels. You may want to set a morning routine for yourself so you can get ready for the day and feel fully prepared and able to face and challenges that come up. Or, you could have a budget that you stick to so you can build up your savings account or pay for a large future purchase. When you remain steadfast to these commitments, you have a clear idea of what you are working for and how and when you can achieve it. This will eliminate a lot of guesswork and dramatically decrease the stress over the unknown.

If you have been feeling out of sorts and anxious, then now is the time to create some better habits for yourself. You'll soon find that the power of consistency to improve your life and your mood is worth the effort it takes.

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