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Articles About Perception

Perception is the word used to describe the process by which we get information from our sense organs.

Our brains 'correct' images to make objects appear constant. 

Learned Perception
There is evidence that much of the process of perception is learned. 

Colour Enhances Taste
Is there a relationship between colour and taste? We look at two studies that have a bearing on this question.

Aging and the Sense of Smell
Some studies show that sensory neurons in the olfactory system in people over 60 may show responses to odour that make it difficult to identify specific smells. This can create issues with identifying dangerous substances and promoting good nutrition.

Recognizing and Remembering Faces
The ability to recognize and remember faces is best when we are aged 30-34 - ten years later than most of our other mental abilities.

Facial Recognition: Ethic Differences
Caucasians and Asians examine faces in different ways

Hearing Messages
Hearing messages embedded in meaningless noise could be an early sign of schizophrenia.

Explaining Out-of-body Experiences
Two recent studies offer insight into how individuals perceive their own bodies and a possible explanation for out-of-body experiences.

Whiskers Act Like Finger Tips
A study has found significant parallels between sophisticated use of facial whiskers by rats and fingertips by humans.

Facial Composite Systems Give Poor Results
Recent technological advances in facial composite systems have failed to improve identification and apprehension of criminal suspects.

Recognizing faces and moods
Facial recognition is a topic of renewed interest for psychologists and computer scientists.

Fundamentals of Psychology

Fundamentals of Psychology

by Michael Eysenck
  Aimed at those new to the subject, Fundamentals of Psychology is a clear and reader-friendly textbook that will help students explore and understand the essentials of psychology.
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by Richard Gross
  All the major domains of Psychology are covered in detail across 50 manageable chapters that will help you get to grips with anything from the nervous system to memory, from attachment to personality, and everything in-between.
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Penguin Dictionary of Psychology

Penguin Dictionary of Psychology

by Arthur S. Reber, Rhianon Allen, Emily Reber
  Indispensable guide to all areas of psychology and psychiatry.
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