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The Best Ways to Promote Studentsí Well-Being at School

October 1 2021 - Stress-related mental health conditions seem to be growing more and more common in children, and they act as one of the biggest barriers stopping them from learning. As such, promoting a studentís well-being is not only important for their mental health, but also for their education, as if their mental health slips, so too could their ability to retain old and absorb new information.

There is no doubt that there has unfortunately been a rise in the number of students who suffer with mental health issues, as is backed up in recent surveys that confirm one in six five to 19-year-olds has a diagnosable mental health disorder. These issues arenít just linked to secondary school as a lot of parents of primary school children have also commented that their child seems to get anxious about lessons, homework and the social element involved in going to school.

So, what can schools do in order to improve upon a childís well-being? It is clear that something needs to be done. This article will look in more detail about how schools can promote better well-being for their pupils in order to aid with their learning.

Look After Their Physical Well-Being

A lot of the time, feelings of stress and anxiety come from fear of the unknown and an inability to feel safe in your surroundings. As such, you need to ensure the school is as safe as possible both emotionally and physically for your pupils. Ensure that every classroom comes equipped with a school first aid kit and also ensure that the children know where it is. You can also point out emergency exits and fire alarms as all of this will let the children know you have their safety as a number one priority, so they will be able to relax better.

Encourage Mindfulness Lessons

In schools all over the world, there are pupils who are taking 10 minutes out of the hustle and bustle of a regular school day so that they can reflect upon their thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness comes with a huge array of benefits as kids will be able to ground themselves, think on their feet a bit more and concentrate on their thoughts by taking the time to focus on their own breathing. In the most simple of terms, when you engage in mindfulness, you are training your brain to become more attentive and aware to what is happening around you in that present moment, as opposed to getting stressed about things coming up in the future, which are out of your control.

Teacher Training

Teaching staffers are on the front line with students every single day and so they have a responsibility for these children. As a result of this, they should be able to spot any signs that their well-being could be in question and act on it accordingly by providing support to that particular student and giving them information about who they can speak with if they happen to be struggling.

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