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5 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist of Woodland Hills

December 17 2021 - The year 2019 saw about†64.9% of adults aged 18 and over and 85.9% of children†between the ages 2 to 17 visiting a dentist at least once. It is probably why there are over 28,000 licensed dentists in California alone. Woodland Hills are the least densely populated neighborhood in the state. The median income of the citizens is $93,720 per household, higher than the country average.

Dental emergencies can arise anytime and anywhere. It calls for you to visit an emergency dentist Woodland Hills†to make sure that the crisis is immediately dealt with so that you can get instant relief. Wondering what could entail an emergency visit to a dentist? These are the top five reasons you may need to visit an emergency dental clinic.

1. Fragmented or Knocked Out Tooth

When your tooth is splintered or knocked out due to a trip or fall, you need to visit a dentist immediately. Such injuries can cause unrelenting bleeding and need to be attended to at once. The injury can also cause a lot of pain, and you need to get appropriate medication to be relieved from the pain. There is also the risk of infection in the gum due to exposure. So, visiting a dentist right away is recommended to avoid any complications.

2. Crown or Filling Coming Lose

Fillings or crowns are at risk of coming loose and falling off at any time. You will immediately notice the difference as you will feel a strange penny-like taste in your mouth. You should visit an emergency dentist of Woodland Hills to get it fixed the moment you see this. Delays may result in you losing it and also, the cost of replacing such dental fixtures can be quite high.

3. Sudden Toothache

When you experience an unexplained toothache, it means a quick visit to the dentistís office. Toothaches can be very uncomfortable as they are constantly on your mind and cause a great deal of misery. It requires you to have your dentist check it out instantly and prescribe medicines to relieve the pain and investigate the cause of the ache.

4. Unexplained Bleeding

A little bleeding in the gums is not unusual, but when the blood keeps seeping out, it is a cause for concern. The reason could be plaque build-up or infection. Visit your dentist the moment you notice the bleeding to start treatment immediately. Delays can cause swelling and pain that can be unbearable, and therefore, it is best to nip the problem in the bud rather than let it grow.

5. Swelling in Mouth or Jaw

If you see a part of your jaw swollen, it can be due to problems in the tooth or gums. The reason could be swollen lymph nodes, infection, or anything in between. Some rare instances result in cancer, so ignoring the problem is not advisable.

Tooth problems can cause distress and not allow you to focus on anything. It can interrupt your work, and the nagging pain can leave you anguished. The pain can arise suddenly or intensify slowly. Regardless of how the pain progresses, an emergency dentist can help you get instant relief as the problem is treated.

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