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The Stages of Recovering from an Eating Disorder

September 27 2019 - If you or a friend are suffering from the symptoms of an eating disorder, you may be wondering what the stages of recovery will look like. Of course, this can differ from person to person, but many people going through this journey will experience similar parts of the process. If you are about to embark on this process, here is a rough guide to the stages you may experience throughout your progress.


The stage at which you acknowledge you need support can differ from person to person. For some, it's hitting rock bottom. For others, it's with the guidance of friends and family. This is the phase where they begin to contemplate the reality of what they are going through.

Starting a journal at this phase could be incredibly valuable to the person who is going through an eating disorder. Writing down reasons for persevering for treatment and acknowledgments of how they feel may help them to process the steps they are taking.

A treatment facility

The need to 'get away from it all' and seek professional help can benefit some eating disorder sufferers hugely. Treatment facilities, in particular, can be very helpful for this. Opting for a place that allows you to live in comfort while you receive expert care could be hugely beneficial to your path to recovery. If this option appeals to you, then you can find more information at

Seeing a psychologist or therapist could be a wise step to take, too. Having an experienced professional to talk to throughout the recovery process will help to keep goals and achievements in sight.

Support and continued treatment

Whether support and guidance come in the form of a therapist of treatment facility, this is the stage where you will start to really tackle and challenge the voice of the eating disorder. This will be an ongoing process, to begin with, and it may involve strategies such as removing triggers or learning to rationalize them.

Part of this supportive phase of treatment may generate realizations about who is a positive influence in their life. Once they start to identify triggers and who or what makes them happy, this may illuminate some unhelpful influences. This will inevitably mean moving away from those who have unhealthy mindsets about their bodies, or those who make the sufferer feel inadequate.

Re-engaging with positive activities

Whether it's painting, going for long walks or meeting up with friends at a restaurant, enjoying life again is one of the most gratifying stages of eating disorder recovery. Realizing that life is out there and ready to be taken with both hands is often a huge indicator that the previous steps in recovery have started to pay off.

Some phases of recovery can be incredibly difficult. Learning to unpick disordered thinking can take time, patience, and perseverance. However, with support and determination, the rewards can be reaped. It's important, too, for the eating disorder sufferer to reward themselves throughout this journey for having the strength to push through.

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