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Things to Do if You Believe You Have COVID-Related Symptoms

COVID-Related Symptoms

August 10 2020 - Despite battling this pandemic for months, we still see cases of infections rising in numbers. In some parts of the world, it's becoming worse. Given the spread of the virus in the community, there's a strong chance that you could become infected sooner rather than later. The good thing is that you probably know more about this virus now than you used to.

There's plenty of information available on the internet and other sources. Not all of the details are correct, but you at least know some symptoms of the viral infection. If you feel like you can be positive due to the symptoms, but you are yet to get tested, these are the things you have to do.

Isolate right away

Since this virus is highly infectious, you need to isolate right away. Drive your own car going home and don't drop by any other location. Tell your family that you think you got infected, so they shouldn't share the same space with you. If you had close interaction over the last few days, they need to get back home and isolate. They might also test positive, but they can't be sure until the test results are out.

Call the doctor for an appointment

Several hospitals got overwhelmed due to the rising cases of hospitalization from the virus. If you wish to see a doctor, or you wish to get tested, you have to call the hospital first for an appointment. Usually, there's a separate facility handling COVID-related case. You can't be with other patients to prevent infections.

If your symptoms worsen, and you couldn't visit a hospital first, you can purchase medicines online. The good thing is that with online pharmacies like, you can get what you need delivered directly to your home. There's no universally acceptable coronavirus treatment, so doctors usually treat the virus based on the symptoms. You have to buy medicines that could help you feel better, although such medications will not cure.

Rest at home

You can't get back out there unless you get better. You have to rest and continue being in isolation. If you already got tested and it came out positive, you have more reasons to stay home. If it's negative, you should continue isolation. You might test positive over the next 14 days.

Wait until you test negative before going out

Just because you felt like you already got through the worst part of the infection, it doesn't mean you can leave home. You need to get a final swab test to show that you're negative, and are no longer contagious. Staying home for 14 days isn't easy, and you will be itching to head out and mingle with others. You have to remain patient even if you think you're fine. You can't take the risk.

Hopefully, this pandemic will soon be over so we won't have to worry about an uncertain future. Thousands of lives already got lost, and millions of jobs too. Businesses got affected, and closures were inevitable. Do the right thing when you got infected so you can help in preventing the potential spread of the virus.

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