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Common Cosmetic Treatments to Improve How You Look

Cosmetics Care

October 5 2020 - Taking good care of yourself is a must, especially during this pandemic. Aside from your physical health, your mental and emotional state equally matter. One of the things that will make you feel good is if you look better. You will feel more confident and happier, which is beneficial to your emotional and mental well-being. There are products available in the market that can help improve your appearance, like moisturisers and toners. There are also various procedures designed for aesthetic purposes like those you will find at Here are some of the most popular cosmetic treatments to consider if you are looking for solutions to enhance your beauty.


Itís one of the most popular beauty treatments around the world. Botulinum is a toxin that is used in Botox injections to treat wrinkles and lines, usually around the face like the forehead and the areas on the outer part of the eyes. Although itís a toxin, a small amount will not cause harmful effects. It will paralyse the part injected, thus preventing movement in that area. This, in turn, will prevent lines or wrinkles from showing. Itís a quick procedure that doesnít require recovery time. After getting the treatment, you can go back to your normal routine. The effect lasts from 3 to 6 months, so you need to get injections again to prevent wrinkles from showing.

Laser hair removal

If you are tired of having to shave often because hair keeps coming back, you may opt for laser hair removal. As the term suggests, it uses a laser to eliminate hair. It can be in any part of the body like legs, underarms, and even your face. There are various factors to consider in determining the number of sessions and the strength of the laser needed. Some of them are colour and thickness of hair, type of skin, the part to be treated, and its area. After about 3 sessions or more, hair may no longer grow back in the treated area.


These are injected to give a plumper look in the cheeks or lips. Since they add volume to the area injected, wrinkles and creases may also soften. Various types of fillers can be used, and they are generally safe, including calcium hydroxylapatite, Restylane, and hyaluronic acid. Your own fat may also be used as a filler, although this requires liposuction.


Itís a surgical process that requires anaesthesia. Your doctor will use a special device to brush the top part of the skin and treat wrinkles or scars. Depending on the severity of the wrinkles or scars, you may need several sessions to get the result you want. Microdermabrasion is a milder version of it. Itís for minor issues like dark spots and fine lines. It only lasts for half an hour, and it doesnít need any recovery time.

Chemical peel

There are mild, medium, and deep peels, depending on the severity of the problem. This procedure uses a chemical to eliminate damaged skin. The result can last for several years. Deep peels have a better result, but also require longer recovery time.

Take care of yourself and feel good about how you look. It will help make your days better, especially during these times.

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