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Additional Procedures That Your Braces Treatment May Require

December 15 2021 - If you’ve been wondering whether undergoing orthodontic treatment with the help of braces is all that it takes to correct misalignment of the teeth, there are a few additional procedures that you may or may not require based on the complexity of your case. Your dentist will be able to decide what all procedures would be needed after examining your teeth.

However, it is always better to stay informed and be prepared for what it might take to correct crooked teeth for that perfect smile. So, here are some common additional procedures that many patients require when they wear braces. It is high time you get your first appointment from Top Dentist in UAE before you start fixing your teeth.

1. Extractions

When your teeth are overcrowded, this generally requires extraction, which means one or multiple teeth will be removed so as to straighten the rest of the teeth and make enough space for all of them to align in one straight line. When the extraction is performed, it helps save your gums from receding as a result of the flaring of your teeth, making it an essential procedure in case of overcrowding.

2. Gingivectomy or Crown Lengthening

One of the issues that come from having braces is puffy and swollen gums. This may also result from poor oral hygiene while on braces. And if this problem persists even after being off braces, you might need crown lengthening or gingivectomy. This involves the trimming of gums for a larger and a more aesthetic smile. Besides the aesthetic aspect, swollen gums are prone to bleeding, and getting your gums trimmed can eliminate this problem as well.

3. Bleaching

Bleaching, while not a procedure that you might necessarily need, is worth going for if your teeth appear to be yellow. Bleaching is generally recommended by orthodontists after braces to reveal whiter-looking teeth. You can ask your orthodontist what’s best - at-office whitening of the teeth with the bleaching procedure or using home bleaching trays.

4. Exposures

Exposure is a procedure that involves uncovering certain teeth that are otherwise concealed by the gums. This is a typical procedure that is performed for wisdom teeth; however, it is not limited to just wisdom teeth. It is done by bonding buttons with a chain, which is then pulled by the orthodontist to pull the concealed teeth back to their position.

5. Crowns, Veneers, or Buildups

When you have narrower teeth than usual, it may be required to modify the shape of the teeth in question, and this is done using crowns, veneers, and buildups.

When it comes to straightening your teeth to correct their alignment, it is rare to be able to correct every single issue using just braces. So, various other procedures are used in addition to fixing brackets so that the outcome is perfect. As a patient, it helps to know certain common procedures that are required.

Check with any clinic that does dental implants Hamilton to see if you need these procedures or not. Whether before, during, or after getting braces, these procedures will surely pay off to give you a smile that reveals your pearly whites to boost your confidence in the best ways.

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