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4 Supplements That Can Elevate Your Mood

April 2020 - There can be a lot of reasons why you are suffering from a low mood. From bad weather to stress at work, it's normal to go through periods when your mood is lower than usual. Of course, if it's particularly hard to cope or you feel you need professional help you should see a doctor, but if you just want to find some natural remedies to help, then here are some supplements you could try to help you get back on track.

1. Probiotics

You will have no doubt heard a lot about probiotics. These are 'good' bacteria that help balance out the 'bad' bacteria in your gut, which can often help with things like digestive disorders. However, recent research from Harvard suggests that probiotics could help improve your mood and cognitive function, as the gut and brain are closely connected. Keep your digestive system healthy and this will help with feelings of stress and anxiety.

2. Vitamin D

Most people don't need to take vitamin D supplements, as they get all they need from exposure to natural light. However, during the winter months or at times when you don't spend enough time outside, you could suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. Some symptoms of this include:

  • Getting sick often
  • Fatigue
  • Low mood
  • Taking a long time to recover from illnesses or injuries
  • Hair loss

If you are suffering from any of the above, then it's a good idea to try getting more sunlight and eating vitamin D rich foods such as fatty fish, cheese and egg yolks. However, if that's not possible, then vitamin D supplements might be a good idea. If symptoms persist, see a doctor.

3. CBD

Another supplement you will have no doubt heard a lot about is CBD or cannabidiol. CBD has shown to help with low mood in initial studies and tends to have fewer side effects than traditional drugs. It has also been shown to help with sleeplessness, anxiety and other conditions that can contribute to you feeling low. You can buy CBD online through The Violetta Company, and can choose a number of different ways to take CBD including capsules and tinctures.

4. Gingko biloba

Extracted from the leaves of the gingko tree, gingko biloba has been used as a depression treatment for centuries, so if you are suffering from a low mood then it may be helpful. Research has shown that ginkgo biloba can promote blood circulation in the brain, helping with cognitive function. If your mood is low and you feel sluggish and unable to concentrate, then this supplement could give you a much-needed boost.

If you're suffering from a low mood, there are lots of natural things that can help, from getting some exercise to spending time with loved ones. Supplements also work for some people, helping them through a difficult period. However, if you continue to suffer from a low mood, make sure you see a doctor so they can rule out any underlying causes.

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