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Exercising With Hearing Aids: What You Should Know

Gym exercise

June 13 2023 - Like other first-time hearing aids users, you may be concerned if wearing aids can dictate what you can and can't do. However, you aren't alone, as even seasoned users aren't sure about the impact of sports and other hobbies on hearing aids. Fortunately, modern hearing aids are reliable and resistant to moisture and dust.

With some care and proper preparation, your hearing aids can stand up to exercise routines. However, you should source hearing aids from quality providers like HearCanada. Below are a few things you should know before exercising with hearing aids.

Can You Go to the Gym With Hearing Aids?

As mentioned, most modern aids are resistant to wear and tear. As such, you can wear your hearing aids to the gym. Your audiologist will encourage you to wear aids to the gym for the following reasons:

  • For personal safety - If you have hearing difficulties, wearing aids to the gym increases your safety. Whether you are exercising in the gym or outdoors, hearing aids make it easy for you to be aware of your surroundings.
  • Enables communication - Communicating during a workout is crucial, especially if you have a trainer or working out as a group. Exercising at the gym is both a workout and a social event. You can easily catch up with your workout buddies and listen to music while exercising.

How to Secure Hearing Aids When Exercising

Securing hearing aids while exercising is a common concern for most users. Hearing aids can easily slip off, especially if you are engaging in vigorous exercises, such as wrestling, running, dancing, and other activities that involve a lot of movement. Fortunately, you can easily secure your aids from falling off.

However, this depends on the type of hearing aid you are using. For instance, those using Behind the Ear aids can secure them using a headband or close-fitting caps. You can also purchase hearing aid clips to prevent aids from falling off.

Protecting Your Hearing Aids from Moisture

Sweating is a normal part of working out. While too much sweat can damage your aids, you can continue exercising with hearing aids, albeit with some precautions. Most hearing aids have a moisture-resistance coating that protects them from moisture damage. However, this doesn't make them immune to bacterial growth and corrosion.

If you are naturally sweaty or engage in exercises involving contact with moisture, such as swimming, sweat covers, and a sweatband can protect your aids from moisture damage. You should also protect your hearing aids from sunscreen, excess snow, and rain.

Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids Post-Workout

Adopting a post-workout routine helps extend the lifespan and functioning of your hearing aids. You should do the following post-workout:

  • Clean and inspect aids after exercise. This involves wiping down aids with antibacterial wipes and changing domes and wax filters.
  • Remove hearing aid batteries and leave the battery section open overnight for aeration.
  • Store your aids in a cool and dry place. Don't keep your aids in the glove compartment or hot and humid areas.
  • Buy a hearing aid dehumidifier to sanitize and remove moisture from your aids.


You should wear your hearing aids to the gym for various reasons. However, loud music and noise from smashing weights, for those who are strength training, can damage your hearing health. Consult your hearing care provider about balancing your aids for the gym. If possible, you can buy special hearing aids for exercising.

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