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The Top Qualities of an Experienced Locum Tenens Physician

Locum Tenens Physician

October 2020 - Locum tenens as a career choice is slowly but surely making waves, as it is worth pursuing no matter your experience as a physician. With the help of a reputable physician recruiter, you are sent on assignment to various areas where you can showcase your talents. It is quite a different experience when compared to the typical physician’s career, and is something that could very well dictate how you experience the world of medicine.

If you want to make your mark as a locum tenens physician, it is crucial to look into the qualities that make such a physician stand out from the rest. After all, if your recruiter sees you as the ideal physician, you will have access to more areas that could potentially pay quite a bit more than the average hourly rate. Here are just some of the top qualities of an experienced locum tenens physician.

A willingness to make big changes based on the location

Keep in mind that some of the best assignments for a locum tenens physician are in areas that might not necessarily have all the amenities you have come to expect. It is the reason why a willingness to make potentially big lifestyle changes is ideal when it comes to locum tenens. Depending on where you are going you might have to experience an entirely different mode of transportation, or perhaps you might no longer have access to specific luxuries.

Locum tenens is ideal for those who are looking for an entirely new change of scenery, as well as those who are willing to adapt to such changes.

A desire to showcase your talents

The reason why some veterans choose to go for a career in locum tenens after a prolonged tenure is that they often feel like their talents are underutilized. On the other hand, new physicians might want to get into locum tenens due to their desire to make a difference. After all, the medical facility in their area might not necessarily need what they have to offer, which means you will not be making the most out of your career.

In locum tenens, you will be filling the role of a non-permanent physician, which means your talents will be sorely needed. Only those who are ready to really showcase what they can do will exceed expectations as a locum tenens physician.

The ability to think on your feet

Keep in mind that your first assignment will likely send you to an entirely unfamiliar place with their own way of doing things. While you will receive as much help as you can to fit in, there is typically not too much hand-holding - which is why it is crucial to think on your feet.

Depending on your choices, you could be on assignment for months, or years. While a career in locum tenens might not necessarily be something that every physician wants, there is no denying that it is a fantastic experience.

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