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At-risk Youth: A Comprehensive Response for Counselors, Teachers, Psychologists and Human Services Professionals

At-risk Youth: A Comprehensive Response for Counselors, Teachers, Psychologists and Human Services Professionals
by J. Jeffries McWhirter, Benedict T. McWhirter, Ellen Hawley McWhirter and Robert J. McWhirter.
  Youth who are at risk is a major concern within society.To help prepare students this book provides conceptual and practical informationon on key issues and problems. Prevention and intervention techniques are described in the book to help students and professionals perform their jobs successsfully and to improve the lives of those youth at risk.
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Suppressing Anger Shortens Life

December 2008 - Research from the University of Michigan published earlier this year in the Journal of Family Communication suggests that a good fight with your partner may be better for your health than suppressing your feelings. Couples in which both partners suppressed their anger when unfairly attacked by the other died earlier than those in relationships where one or both expressed their anger and resolved underlying conflict.

Researchers studied 192 couples over a 17 year period (1971-1988) and placed them in one of four categories: both partners communicated their anger; one expressed while the other suppressed (and vice versa); and both suppressed their anger. When both spouses suppressed their anger, earlier death was twice as likely compared to all other categories.

Lead author Ernest Harburg, professor emeritus in the school of public health and psychology department said:

"Comparisons between couples in which both people suppress their anger, and the three other types of couples, are very intriguing. When couples get together, one of their main jobs is reconciliation about conflict. Usually nobody is trained to do this. If they have good parents, they can imitate, that's fine, but usually the couple is ignorant about the process of resolving conflict."

"The key matter is, when the conflict happens, how do you resolve it? When you don't, if you bury your anger, and you brood on it and you resent the other person or the attacker, and you don't try to resolve the problem, then you're in trouble."

Preliminary analysis shows that there had been 13 deaths among the group of 26 couples in which both suppressed their anger (one partner in 27 per cent and both in 23 per cent). There had been 41 deaths among the remaining 166 couples (one partner in 19 per cent and both in 6 per cent). Researchers adjusted for age, smoking, weight, blood pressure, bronchial problems, breathing, and cardiovascular risk. They are currently collecting 30-year follow-up data.

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Human Relationship Skills

Human Relationship Skills
by Richard Nelson-Jones
  In this essential book, Richard Nelson-Jones takes a cognitive-behavioural approach to coaching people in relationship skills. These skills are viewed as sequences of choices that people can make well or poorly; covering a range of skill areas the book assists readers to make affirming rather than destructive choices in their relationships.
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Anger Control Training

Anger Control Training
by Emma Williams and Rebecca Kelly
  This three-volume training manual addresses the need for a practical and easily accessible guide for professionals working with people presenting with anger problems. It is intended for use by psychologists, OTs, psychiatric nurses, probation officers, psychiatrists, social workers and teachers. This training manual offers a wealth of photocopiable material, including client handouts and facilitators guides. The appendices contain materials for role-play and relaxation. "Anger Control Training" is a comprehensive programme using a cognitive-behavioural approach and designed for the professional to help people change their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
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